We got Toby a toy barbecue grill set. He loves to cook on it, using all the implements

You have to wait for everything to be cooked just right.

The corn and chicken are in halves held together with velcro, so he has a plastic knife for cutting them on his chopping board. One night he stuck a piece of chicken to a piece of corn: “I did make cornchicken”

Toby was about to have his first sleepover at Lauren and Sam's house, so we got him a suitcase

Very proud of his big suitcase

Toby reading a story to his friend Baby Lilly

Giving Lilly a nice hug

Nessie and Scout asleep on (mostly) their nice new throw from IKEA.

Scout was fast asleep even though he was half off the chair

One afternoon we decided to get Toby a day pass for Camp Snoopy - the funfair in Mall of America. Here he's impatiently waiting to ride on the big trucks

You can't see Toby here, but he is doubtless enjoying “Driving the steering wheel”

Toby in action

Camp Snoopy

Waiting to go on the little roller coaster with Mummy

Practicing putting our hands in the air for when we go fast. Toby did this as soon as he sat down because the people who went on before were doing it. They're not even moving at this point.

Zooming round. You can just make out Toby's hand in the air.

On the schoolbus ride

The bus goes up and over

Majestic disabled seat on the carousel.

Riding on the carousel

Toby's riding a cat.

Getting ready on the speedway

This ride totally throws you round the bends - it's hilarious.

Zooming round

This ride sucked - it's a very slow train and the jobsworth attendant wouldn't let me ride on for free because he thought Toby was tall enough to go without a chaperone.

Unfortunately there was hardly anyone else on so Toby was in his own carriage, alone. He would turn round and say “I'm riding a train” and seemed fairly happy but for his parents it was a little heartbreaking to watch.

Toby and Mummy zooming.


About to zoom


The second time we went on this Toby rode inside the truck but as chaperone I had to sit on top, feeling like a bit of a fool. Toby loved it though.

One more time on the rollercoaster. Practicing with the hands in the air.

Rollercoasters etc

On the rollercoaster with Daddy. Hands in the air.

We went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden do make some art.

Learning to do tree bark rubbings

The artist at work

Bark rubbing.

Getting the rubbing just right


How idyllic

Working on his masterpiece

Checking Mummy's work

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Appreciating sculpture