This is the view of Mumbai from my hotel window

View from hotel window. Sorry about the interference from the bug screen but I think it's a cool view

Street scene in Mumbai

Victoria Terminus station

Victoria Terminus station

Victoria Terminus station. Check out the gargoyles at top right

Mumbai municipal corporation building - council offices basically

Inside Victoria Terminus. The ticket office is like a cathedral

Platforms in Victoria terminus. Note the stained glass windows at the top.

Platforms at Victoria Terminus

Outside the Victoria Terminus

Outside Victoria Terminus. Incessant honking of car, bus, bike horns not pictured

Taxis outside McDonald's. Note the classy carving on the wall.

The only SUV in Mumbai

A lot of buildings have blue tarp on them to protect from monsoon rain

Balconies in Mumbai

More balconies. Also notice the scaffolding on the building on the right

The road round the bay

This road is known as the Queen's Necklace because of all the lights at night. The big stadium lights there are for the cricket stadium

Looking round the bay. That's the Arabian Sea, by the way.

Looking in the direction we are about to go

Former glory of a building


I'm sure there are thousands of “Tip Top” shops.

The Jain Temple

Mangrove tree

On the wall in the Jain temple

Inside the Jain temple

This didn't come out well but I've kept it because of the amazing decorations. Look at all the elephants at the top.

The front of the Jain temple

The Hanging Gardens. Nothing's actually hanging, but it's over the top of a reservoir. That makes sense, doesn't it? The penguin is obviously a garbage can.

It's famous for topiary

Beautiful warm day

Real hanging gardens on an apartment roof

View over the bay, looking back at where we stopped the car earlier.

Boot house for children to play in. The sign says so.

Street vendor selling rice cakes with sweet sauce

Beautiful trees

The dhobis. You can see all thestone sinks and washing hanging up.

Train going by on the left there.

Even though the water looked dirty the clothes come out very clean




Gandhi's residence in Bombay, which is now a beautifully understated museum on Laburnum Street.

Across from Gandhi's house

Sorry about this blurry photo. This is in the entrance to the Gandhi museum.

In the library of the Gandhi museum

Wise words from the Mahatma

I think that the cloth is from fabric that Gandhi wove himself.

In the library


This is a recreation of Gandhi's room. I'm guessing he wouldn't have had the pictures of himself on the walls.

Replicas of Gandhi's possessions. Those are his prison cup and bowl

In the Gandhi museum there is a whole room of these models of his life. In this one he is asking his mother's permission to go to London to study law in 1888.

In this scene, Gandhi is meeting the King. Apparently when someone asked why he (Gandhi) didn't dress up, he said that the King was dressed enough for them both

Scene of Gandhi's funeral pyre. All around the top are painted deities from all religions.

Along the Queen's Necklace, through the rear window of the car.

Front of the museum formerly known as the Prince of Wales museum

Prince of Wales museum

Prince of Wales museum. Apparently we are to note the mix of Islamic and Indian architecture.

In the garden of the Prince of Wales museum

The Gateway of India, built to commemorate the visit of the King and Queen in 1911. Also the point at which the last British troops left.

The Taj Mahal hotel, where I was staying. It's right across the road from the Gateway of India

Closeup of the Gateway. Like the Prince of Wales museum it has a lot of Islamic features, like these geometric patterns.

Inside the Gateway

The tower attached to the Taj Mahal hotel. I was staying on the 19th floor, right under that widened part at the top.

Little Mumbai taxi

The view early morning from my hotel balcony in Bangalore. Again, incessant horn honking not pictured.

More view from my hotel balcony.