poor toby

I had to take the day off today with Toby – he had a great day at school yesterday but just kind of crumpled in the evening. It turned out that he had a fever of 102F (Emma worked out how to get the thermometer to read in F; I think Toby had somehow reprogrammed it to C and we can’t remember what a normal temp should be in Celsius). Anyway, he wasn’t doing too well but some medicine seemed to help.

He slept for 13 hours last night, and has been mostly OK today, a bit quiet but perky too. Around 3:30 he went really pale and started yawning non-stop so I suggested a nap, either on the sofa or in his bed. He opted for the latter, saying “That’s the greatest place of all.” I could tell he wasn’t right when I offered him a cookie and he turned it down – most unlike him, it’s like when I get sick and don’t even want a beer.

I guess today is one of those things about being a parent – when there’s a lot going on at work you feel a bit strange taking time off, but I am entitled to do this under my contract, plus I’ve been checking mail every couple of hours, and had a call with my team while Toby was watching a movie after lunch. Also it’s just been a real pleasure to hang out with him, he’s just a great person to be with.

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  1. Emma says:

    To be fair we were smart enough to take our own and figure out that it must be round about 37. Mine came up as 36.5 and I’m generally low – and I did know that 40 was considered hot. We’re more comfortable in Fs though.

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