This conversation happened in the car on the way home from swimming class tonight, between Emma and a boy who is having issues remembering the difference between Moses and Jesus (something to do with being a baby in a basket/manger):

Toby: So… How do you live with God?
Emma: What do you mean?
Toby: How do you live with God?
Emma: What – I don’t understand the question.
Toby: I mean: how do you live with God?
Emma: In… In what way?
Toby: In a dead way

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  1. Emma says:

    I’m not sure that we shared the predecessor to this conversation. Toby has been learning about death in the last year – it is an endlessly fascinating topic to a small boy; not morbidly, just matter-of-(sometimes scary) fact.

    We had managed to get through that when you die, that’s it, you’re gone. However, when Toby studied Moses at Sunday School he got very interested in the fact that Moses (and he discovered many other believing folks, including the people he knew that were dead) had a new life with God. Hence being able to live with God in a dead way.

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