A couple of nights ago Toby asked Emma the following question: when the Egyptian army were chasing the Israel people through the Red Sea and God sent the water to kill them, did they have children who were sad that they were all dead?

Although I’m biased in thinking that he’s a smart kid, I think this is a pretty smart question. Emma, who through her degree has a lot of theological knowledge, was able to acknowledge his question and say that each year at Passover the descendants of the Israelites do remember the Egyptians and their children, because they know that they would have been sad.

One of my friends I mentioned the question to said that at least there weren’t as many children as there had been shortly before, because God had recently done away with all the firstborn of Egypt, so you could glibly argue that this might have helped (but not really of course). It’s a good thing Emma didn’t mention this – as the firstborn of my family this bit of the story used to freak me out when I was a kid, and as a parent it still does.

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