dara update

Haven’t written anything about Dara for a little while. She’s doing really well – generally she’s a really happy little person and we’re really enjoying that she’s more sociable every day, not to mention that for the last few weeks she’s been sleeping about 8 hours a night which is amazing. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Today was a big day for her. She had her three-week-belated two month checkup, which involved being measured (23 inches now) and weighed (11 pounds 1 ounce, up from 7 pounds 1 ounce at birth) and jabbed with needles for a few vaccinations. Dr. Williams seemed very pleased with how she’s doing and she was very well behaved with him.

After that we dropped her off at daycare for her first day, as Emma’s doing a couple of weeks of part time. We met with the teacher, Theresa, who has been working there for years and seems wonderful, and got all the bits and pieces sorted out – diapers, clothes, milk etc – and saw the other little babies who might be Dara’s friends over the coming years. Apparently Toby went through to see her after he’d had his lunch to make sure she was OK – what a good big brother. When we picked her up she seemed very happy in the room, but also (I imagine) was excited to see me and be picked up. Now that she’s so much more sociable and aware I think she probably will have enjoyed looking around and watching all the people, so I’m sure it was a good thing for her.

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