a good week

This has definitely been a good one. Yesterday Emma accepted a new job as a volunteer coordinator with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organisation which helps provide low-cost housing. She’d been doing work with them through the Cathedral, and is very into their philosophy and business. So this would seem to be an ideal job.

Also yesterday I got my Change of Status notice from the Immigration and Naturalization Service. This means that my Green Card application has now been approved (three months earlier than I expected) so Emma and I can stay here, be more flexible with travel, where we live and what we do. It’s also a lot more security for us.

So lots of good things – a good way to go into a holiday weekend.

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  1. [...] I was looking at some of my blog archives, when I came across this link, talking about the week Emma and I found that she had a job at Habitat for Humanity, and we got our green cards approved. What I couldn’t say was that we also found out she was expecting a baby that week. But we didn’t want to say anything at the time, in case anything went awry, which of course it didn’t. [...]

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