secret life of granny

I was casting around the web to find more information about my Granny. I was surprised to find this page from the Sunday Times in 2005 – scroll to the bottom of that link and you’ll find this:

“It’s refreshing even after one sip, but I prefer the one I buy commercially.”
Muriel Hope, 91, tastes Scotland’s most expensive pot of tea, costing £23.80 at Plaisir du Chocolat in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

I can’t really imagine her in a place called Plaisir du Chocolat, paying that much for some tea, or speaking about doing anything commercially, but I think that the age would match up, so I guess it really was her.

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  1. Will says:

    We were talking about this here on thr day of the funeral. She was taken there by Fiona Hope, younger daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Hope. Like you I can’t really imagine her in such a place either, let alone pay £23 + for a pot of tea! BUT there you go!!

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