it’s all relative

Day … ooh … six or something of our trip to Bermuda. Losing track of the days, it’s just what we need. Today is the coolest day so far, but it’s relative – it’s actually about 70F and it’s still OK to wear shorts. It was warm in the morning so we decided to go to Bermuda Botanical Gardens. It’s a really impressive place, especially considering how little open space there is on the island. Some really beautiful and interesting trees and shrubs – lots of palm trees and an awesome banyan tree which is massive. We nipped into their little cafeteria for lunch, just a wee sandwich served by volunteer church-hall type ladies, all very friendly and quite British. Then as we were looking around the gardens and shivering a little (it had rained while we were having lunch and was quite cool for an hour or so afterwards) we noticed the aroma of something quite, um, herbal. Perhaps better described as something smokeable by the jazz community. It seemed quite incongorous, and we assumed that it was the brawny gardeners who were responsible rather than the nice ladies of the cafeteria.

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