I got a phone call from my brother yesterday afternoon, letting me know that our granny, Muriel Hope, had passed away. It was expected, in that she was in her 90s and had been fading for the last few months, although she hung on a lot longer than medical people had expected – Edinburgh stubbornness maybe. When she passed away she was at home, and most of her children were with her – three of my uncles and my mother.

So needless to say I’m feeling a bit strange. She had a long and fruitful life, loved living in Edinburgh, specifically the New Town, had a long and happy marriage, six children, many grandchildren and a growing brood of great grandchildren. She got to visit her children in Canada and Kenya, and did a lot of historical research into the Hope family. I had a lot of wonderful memories of her being with us for holidays, and of visiting her and Grandpa at Moray Place in Edinburgh. I know I will miss very much being able to drop round to see her, and although she knew about Dara’s birth of course she never got to see her. She did get to have time with Toby a couple of years ago – there are photos of that visit here, and here’s a great picture of Toby with his granny and great granny (click for full size picture):

Toby with Granny and Great Granny

P.S. My cousin Tom also put up a post about her, with a lovely photo. You will notice he refers to her as Anne Hope – she never really liked being called Muriel and at some point in her 80s would always refer to herself as Anne, especially when she published historical articles. I remember she was very happy when my brother David was small and would call her Granny Annie.

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  1. Paul says:

    Sorry to hear about your granny, though it sounds like she had more than a good go at life!

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