dara development

Dara is growing like crazy – although obviously she’s still really small compared to Toby she is clearly getting bigger pretty much every day, both longer/taller and pudgier. Her arms and legs are starting to fill out with baby fat, and we’re also noticing that her kicks and arm movements are getting stronger. The only physical way she’s regressing is the hairline – she now has major male pattern baldness, with hair only at the back and sides.

She’s also getting more and more alert – she loves to watch things and people, particularly her big brother. Yesterday Toby watched the Jungle Book on DVD, and Dara seemed quite interested too. She’s also getting better at playing and interacting – we got her a playmat thing on Saturday which has little toys hanging down for her to look at and grab at, and she was happy to be looking at it for a good long time. It also has a little smiling musical star hanging over her head (when she’s lying on her back), and we were sure that we saw her first ever real smile. A little sad that she would smile at plastic, and not at us, but this morning as Emma was getting her ready, Dara gave a huge beaming smile. Very cute – all gummy and happy.

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