It’s a beautiful fall day today, temp in the low 60s with the first sunshine in about a week. We went over to Lake Calhoun to play a bit of soccer and generally hang around outside – fantastic.

After we were done with kicking the ball around, Toby was bouncing around where the three of us (me, Emma and Dara) were sitting, and pretty much out of the blue said, “Mummy, I think you should throw your womb away.” Emma said (as you would), “Um, why do you think I should do that?” Toby replied, “Because wombs just keep on growing babies, like all the time. That’s what they keep doing, and we don’t want another baby.” This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like Dara, or being a big brother – he’s totally loving it, to the extent that at dinner tonight he even made good on his previous prediction that once he was a big brother he would like salad (he tried two small lettuce leaves).

In fact, at dinner, he said that when Dara is up to his chest we should have another baby. When we pointed out that this contradicted what he had said before, he laughed in a slightly offhand manner and said “Aw, guys, I was just kidding you.”

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