dara update

A little update on Ms Dara now that it’s been just over a week since she zoomed into the world:

Basically: all doing well.

In detail: she is sleeping fairly well (top priority for parents) doing about 3-4 hours at a stretch during the night. More importantly once she has eaten she’s not fussy and after a good belch tends to go back to sleep quite calmly. We’re told by her doctor that at around 3 weeks this might change as things in her belly start to get more mature, but we’re happy with this right now.

About the eating – she loves her food. When she was born she was 7 pounds 1; a few days later she was 6 pounds 13; at her doctor appointment on Tuesday she was 7 pounds 4, and yesterday she was up at 7 pounds 6. So clearly something’s working. Also the diaper changes are in full gear now, pretty much every time she eats.

It looks like Toby and the cats are dealing with her really well – Toby does like to hold her and play with her; the cats are a bit more aloof but getting more relaxed as far as we can tell. I’m not sure what they think about all the noises she’s making but they’re at least putting up with it.

So to sum up, her typical day is sleep, eat, burp, fart, go to the bathroom, try to work out some things about her surroundings, look confused, repeat. All good life skills for the college years.

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