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The BBC website ran a little competition to ask people for new mottos for the U.K. (my spellcheck says it should be mottoes – hmmm). Needless to say my brother Robin, who writes frequently to the BBC’s Magazine Monitor, put in some great ideas. You can see his efforts at #3.

One of the things I noticed as I went down the list is how jaded so many of them seem. I wonder how much these are people joking around, pretending to be really fed up of Britain, and how much is actually real.

2 Responses to “uk mottos”

  1. Robin (bro) says:

    I have 3 things I should point out:

    1. I also have comments at number 24 and 31.

    2. There are 1000 comments in all, and I’m number 3! However, closer inspection will show that this is only because I was the 3rd person to send them in… dang.

    3. My 3rd comment “Togetherness through…” is an attempt at subtle satire. You can decide if I pulled this off…

  2. Robin (no relation) says:

    Oh no, have they renamed Edinburgh “Glasgow”? Won’t folk confuse it with Glasgow?

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