the day today

Pretty good day today: firstly, had a dentist checkup and still no cavities, all looking good. Secondly Toby had a great soccer class. The pitch was good and muddy, it wasn’t too hot and he was really into the whole thing. He ran and ran, played really well and had a great time. Thirdly I found out that at least some of the upcoming Rugby World Cup is going to be on a channel we get through our cable provider.

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  1. Emma says:

    It was really cute that when Toby got back to the car after soccer he had really muddy knees and it was so sludgy he had to take his boots off. It felt a lot more like my boy had been out on the pitch for a while than the usual week when he treks sand in because it is so dry.

    Plus it is good for him to learn that after sports, you shower…

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