We’ve often thought that gymnastics might be Toby’s ideal sport. It’s got a lot of things that he enjoys – at soccer class he seems to prefer the solo exercises more than the team game, for example – and the people who seem to do well tend to be stocky, flexible and self-aware – all of which he is, for his age – and don’t have to be tall and thin – which with his genetic heritage he is unlikely to be.

Tonight just before dinner Emma had the TV on and they were showing a gymnastics championship. They were showing the girls’ events, and I’m not sure Toby had seen anything like it. He took a break from his Lego adventures and was transfixed by the jumping, tumbling and balance. Emma was telling him how strong the gymnasts need to be, telling Toby to see how strong one girl’s muscles were. Toby said, “Yes, she’s pretty strong. If we had a fight, I think she’d probably win.”

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