Tonight Toby and I walked home from school – I really enjoyed it. When I walk that way on my own it takes about 20 minutes; with Toby also it took about twice that length of time, but was a lot more fun. We saw all kinds of cool things including a feather, some green glass and a dead dragonfly. Cool four-and-a-half-year-old boy stuff.

Outside the church in which Toby’s daycare is located, some of the church people were giving away free cookies and bottles of water. No way Toby would walk past a free cookie, so he got one and we picked up a bottle of water too. The bottle’s label was a custom one – it said “Jesus – the water of life”. Nice.

On the way home I noticed a bumper sticker on a car, which said in big rainbow 70s letters “Try Jesus.” I thought this was kind of nice until I noticed underneath in very small letters “If you don’t like him the devil will take you back.” Um, passive aggressive or what?

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  1. Emma says:

    Toby manages to walk past the free cookies when I’m with him…

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