toby’s tummy

There have been a few nights in the last week when Toby has woken up complaining of a sore tummy, which is very unlike him. There doesn’t seem to be anything physical going on, but it does seem to be a real thing. He has told me that he’s been having bad dreams which is also unusual for him.

We think that he’s probably a bit anxious about all the change going on around him – obviously the baby coming soon but not knowing exactly when, plus at school the older kids in his class are getting ready to go to kindergarten in the next couple of weeks. During the day he seems to have no problems with this at all, but we’ll have a chat with his teachers.

UPDATE: It seems, after long conversations with Toby and a short conversation with his teacher, that it’s a major growth spurt and he is just hungry all the time. He stayed home yesterday and basically ate all day, including a huge “snack” before bed. He’s eating lots of healthy stuff, and is getting to be just bones and muscles so we’re not worried about health – he’s just burning a lot of energy right now.

END OF UPDATE, back to regular programming…

I was very proud of him at swimming class last night. He’s getting ready to go to the next class up (he’s currently in Little 2 and getting ready for Little 3 – here are the levels), where they’ll be working on flipping from front to back, then back to front. Now that they are generally swimming without floats, this is a good skill for little people to learn to help them with breathing if they are swimming a long distance. Toby’s current coach has been trying this out with him and the other two kids in his class to start preparing them for this new skill. Last night Toby’s swimming seemed to go really well – his form was spot on and he was zooming around. When they did the flips, his coach said that she didn’t have to help him at all – he just did it with no problems. So she told me afterwards that next week if he’s doing it that well she will recommend that he skips a level and goes right to level 4.

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