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Yesterday was a kind of rainy Saturday (the first rain we’ve had in weeks) so it seemed the perfect kind of day to have Toby watch Star Wars for the first time.

I remember quite clearly when my dad took me to see it when it first came out – I would have been five. Toby usually gets to see animated movies, so I wasn’t sure how he’d take to it, but I think it went over really well. He spent a lot of time asking questions about what was going on and who the people were; a lot of time just glued to the action; and some of the time shouting “Ha-haaaa!” when there was lightsaber action going on. Judging by the amount of time he’s been talking about it since, it was a hit with him.

Just a few things to clear up though – although when he concentrates he’ll say Darth Vader instead of Dark Vader, he still says lightsaver. And my favorite – he is convinced that one of the main heroes is Toby-Wan Kenobi.

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  1. Paul says:

    We’ve been wondering when to take this step, so looks like now is the time, though Lauren is more of a concern than Sam when it comes to their reactions.

  2. Robin says:

    This of course opens up the geeky debate of which order to watch them in (ie all 6 films).

    While it seems obvious to watch them in the order they were made (especially as Toby is yet to learn the shocking truth about Darth Vader etc) Episode 1 will be disappointing to a whole new generation if they’ve seen the originals. But it’s worth it once you get to Episode 3.

    I’ll be interested to know if Toby enjoys the new ones as much as the originals.

    I’ve given this waaaaaaaaay too much thought…

  3. Emma says:

    It’s pretty hard trying to explain things when you don’t want to give things away. Toby is very interested as to why DV needs a special breathing mask – we talked about nasty accidents and stuff, but I may have let slip that there’s a movie where it all becomes clear.

    Right now he’s trying to figure out which character to be for Halloween this year. Having thought DV was it, he was informed that he can’t have a mask for school – so I suspect he’ll be either a young or old (and literal)Toby Wan. He is fascinated by the special power that you can still talk when you die.

    There is an outside chance he’ll pick Luke – it all seems to revolve around the fact that he can’t decide between a blue and a green “light saver”.

    We’re wondering if our new arrival will be dressed as part of the fun – Yoda seems appropriate for a small wrinkled person. However we’re quite tempted by the infant R2D2 costume. Aah.

    Note to Uncle Richard – take very good care of your DV mask next time Toby comes to stay, he might try to sneak it out the house.

  4. Robin says:

    Just to be even more geeky than my previous post, I feel the need to point out that Toby must have some kind of insider knowledge if he hasn’t seen anymore than just the first film as Luke doesn’t have his green lightsabre until Return of the Jedi.


    Me and Richard (Richard and I) went to the big Star Wars Exhibition in London a few months ago which was really good, and covered all 6 films. There were of course loads of kids visiting, but it was obvious that some of the parents were just as excited, if slightly better at hiding it. You could also often tell if a cabinet had stuff from the original or new films by the age of the people standing round it.

    I even heard a Dad discussing with his son which one of the 2 Wookies they had on display was Chewbacca (in my opinion neither was, but I didn’t get involved…)

  5. Emma says:

    No special powers, just observations of costumes and accessories on the internet, sorry… – that’s where it gets confusing; most of the costumes are from the more recent films and so Toby is considering outfits that he has not actually seen in a movie yet.

  6. Robin says:

    Robin, you’re getting as bad as me.

    I think you should keep him on Episode IV until he’s 7, then the “I’m your daddy” scene in Empire will blow his mind.

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