I was just about to iron some shirts tonight when I got a call from my boss – she asked me to call everyone on my team (I have 18 employees plus a couple of contractors right now) to make sure they are OK. Clearly I was sounding a bit confused – she said “Haven’t you heard? Sorry, I thought you knew – turn on the TV.” Well it seems that the bridge of a major road collapsed at rush hour. It’s a major commuter artery from downtown Minneapolis to the north, and a lot of our folks take it. The collapse happened right on the Mississippi in the center of town.

I got hold of everyone on the team eventually – it took a lot of phoning around to make sure, and then I had to call the central security office of our company to let them know too (the guy said “wow, you have a big team!”). A couple of the folks had close calls – one was on the bus going over the bridge a half hour before, and others may have been there but had stayed in the office a little later than usual.

Quite a relief – I might try to phone a couple of friends just in case. So far it’s pretty nasty, but could maybe have been worse – the bridge was under construction with only one lane open each way (usually three each way) so there were a fairly small number of cars and other vehicles on the bridge.

UPDATE: Freaky: Emma just reminded me that this is the road we take to get Toby to soccer class, and we are usually going over it at about 6:05pm on Tuesday nights.

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  1. Layclerk says:

    Thankfully, you’re OK though. Sounds particularly nasty.

  2. pellucid says:

    glad to know you’re all alright!

  3. Robin says:

    Just checking in to see you’re OK. Sounds terrible – heard the reports on Radio 4 this morning.

    Take care folks,


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