royal, kind of

During extensive baby name research, Emma came across a page which is a family tree of descendants of King Henry VII – do a search within the page (for Mogendorff) and you will find me! I’m guessing that the guy who put this together didn’t find details of Emma’s and my wedding, or of Toby’s birth, so I’ll try to contact him and get updates.

A couple of things occurred to Emma: firstly, maybe we should use a selection of family names – we have a few to choose from, including one gentleman named Charles Felix Otho Victor Gabriel John Adrian Hope-Nicholson.

Secondly, how many people would I have to dispose of before I could take the throne of Britain? It would be quite a task, but possible worth it.

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  1. Paul says:

    That reminds me that we found a link that suggests that Claire is (distantly, of course) related to one of the original pilgrims. The cool things about that are that a) once you find the link there’s a lot mapped out for you from there, and b) it seems like a lot of the founders are related to assorted Presidents and other notables. We should go investigate that some more :)

  2. Emma says:

    … and bear in mind you’re through the illegitimate line

    4.3.4.[illegitimate by Eupheme Elphinstone] Robert Stewart, cr Earl of Orkney 1581

    … I don’t like your chances of a crown all that much, but I do like them better than this baby being called Eupheme if it’s a girl! I wonder how many people can boast a ph in both their first and last names?

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