in chicago

Hello from big old Chicago. I’m here for just a couple of days having a bit more management offsite training and strategising etc. Hours of fun for all the family. Actually I think that we’ve gotten a lot done, and it’s been good to get my work friends from different places around the world in one place to work through stuff and get some plans for the future.

It’s pretty neat being in Chicago though. I haven’t been here for quite a few years, but hopefully Emma and I will get the chance to come back again soonish. It’s just quite an exciting place, and the architecture is fantastic – the size of the buildings is phenomenal. I’m staying in the gigantic Hyatt Regency and we’re doing work in the completely huge Sears Tower. I feel like we’re very high up in the 45th floor, but that’s in fact less than half way up. The view is astonishing, and it’s worth reading that link to find out how elevators and stuff work for a building that tall.

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