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I was just on Google, checking vainly that I am the top Andrew Mogendorff in the world (try doing a search for my name and you’ll see that it’s true). One new link I hadn’t seen before was this one – Ed’s Stratego Site – The Stratego Message Board – Section 3. I hadn’t heard of Stratego before but it seems that it’s related to a board game we used to play at home called L’Attaque – you have army pieces who can move in different ways and challenge each other based on their rankings, kind of like a secretive version of chess as the other player can’t see the rank of the piece they’re attacking if I remember correctly.

Anyway, if you go to that web page, try doing a search for Mogendorff. They’re a bit disparaging about a certain Jacques Johan Mogendorff, basically making out that he nicked the idea for L’Attaque and patented it as Stratego. I wonder if he’s related to me, and if the story is true I have to admire his entrepreneurial spirit – if you don’t want people “stealing” your ideas, make sure you have them covered.

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  1. [...] I’ve been using Google News for a while, and today noticed that they have introduced a customize feature, so it’s possible to make your own news sections, such as maybe your company or an interest of yours. I put in “Mogendorff” and was interested to see that a couple of weeks ago there was a feature about Jacques Johan Mogendorff, who I wrote about, wow, almost three years ago. The news article I found is about a family attempting to sue a games maker over the game which J. J. Mogendorff may or may not have invented. See what you think. I’ll keep checking the headlines. [...]

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