london update

Having a pretty good time in London – very productive anyway. Yesterday was day 2 of client meetings which went extremely well – it’s just good from a trust and communication standpoint to be face to face, and also we uncovered a number of things which would be very expensive to fix down the line – that in itself will have paid for our trip out here.

Today I had a nice leisurely breakfast and have been working hard in my room since then – catching up on email and I have a lot of stuff to pull together for next week at work. My brother Richard is picking me up at about 3:30 and we’re off to hang out for the evening.

Last night I met up with my brother David near his work for dinner. I had forgotten the culture shock of different London neighborhoods: as I said yesterday my hotel is in a very Lebanese area of Marble Arch; then I was working in Mayfair, right next to Berkeley Square and the Ritz hotel where everything is very swanky. The surprise of getting off the tube to meet David in Camden Town where it’s all very indie was quite something. Lots of crazy kids dressed up in funky, sometimes totally ridiculous clothing – I felt way overdressed in my work stuff.

We had a really nice dinner, then to a pub where my friend Robin showed up, it was great to catch up with them both. One slightly alarming moment – a really drunk guy sat down next to us and started going on about how the British Army is the best in the world, how the Spartans had spears, how he was sorry to be talking to us, etc etc. Not sure if it was pathetic or scary. David, Robin and I went outside for a bit to get away from him, then went back in to a different table. By this time the guy had fallen asleep and the bar staff were trying to roll him out the door.

Got the tube home – it was fun to be all London again and getting myself around. Then I had a great chat with Emma and Toby. As noted, hard to be away from them, but at least Toby is good on the phone now so I get good conversation with him.

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