in london

Just arrived a few hours ago in London – I’m here for a few days to work with a client, and also have a couple of days on the end to see family and friends. Having the usual being far away from Emma and Toby malaise, but it is kind of fun to be here within that limitation.

I’m staying in a hotel right by Marble Arch, near Park Lane and all kinds of very swanky touristy spots. However the hotel is right in the middle of a bustling Lebanese neighborhood – pretty much every shop and restaurant is Lebanese, and lots of the hotel guests seem to be middle Eastern too. It makes for a really cool international feel. Now that I think about it the people I’ve spoken with most over the last day have all been eastern. My cab driver to the airport in Minneapolis was Ethiopian, and we talked the whole way about his wife’s brand new baby, and Emma’s and my upcoming new baby. Then the guy next to me on the plane was from Tunisia – he’s a chemical engineering student in Minneapolis, doing his masters program. Also a really decent guy and we chatted a lot on the way over.

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