berry nice indeed

I had heard through the local paper that it was about to be berry picking season, and they had a recommendation for a place over in Wisconsin, Rush River Produce berry picking. We got all excited, especially Emma at the prospect of being able to get gooseberries (you can get them at the grocery store but they’re madly expensive).

So during the week Emma called them and asked about the berry situation – the guy said “this is the *best* weekend for gooseberries!” so we decided to trek over this morning. It’s about an hour and a half along beautiful roads – slightly scary as we had at least three close calls with wild turkeys either running or flying across the road – and we had to start really early because the forecast was for a bit of a scorcher – it’s almost 8pm now and still 97F (over 36C). We got there at about 8:30am when it was about 73F, not too bad at all. it’s completely beautiful there, up on the hills overlooking the Mississippi and Lake Pepin, birds singing, flowers all over the place, and really nice people at the farm too, all very welcoming.

The fruit was amazing too. They have hundreds of blueberry bushes, but we were there for the gooseberries primarily. We ended up picking ten pounds! A good mix of green and red/purple (which were delicious right off the bush) and plenty of scratches on our arms, but well worth it. Emma’s going to do some chutney and also a few gooseberry pies I think. We also got about four pounds of redcurrants – they were practically dripping off the bushes, and she’s just finishing off some redcurrant jelly. Then another four or five pounds of blackcurrants, which are completely delicious. We’re going to have some in a pie or two (we think blackcurrant and apple pie will be fantastic) and also just plain with vanilla ice cream. The question is what to do with the rest? We could do jam, but we can get pretty good blackcurrant jam here, but we can’t find any other recipes. Do any readers have any blackcurrant recipies they could recommend?

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  1. Brother David says:

    Stick them in some Vodka or Gin and leave for ages and ages…?

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