wot a scorcher

Apparently it’s 88�F outside (31�C). The weekend was also beautiful – warm during the day with thunderstorms at night, so the grass is finally getting green and it’s feeling like the world is waking up a bit. It’s hard to believe that exactly two weeks ago we had a foot of snow.

On Friday night I was invited to my friend Scott’s for a barbecue – first of the year. It was wonderful to sit outside and chew the fat and the protein, as everyone spoke about how nice it was to have good weather. However I must say that sometimes I find hot, sunny days kind of stressful as there becomes such an emphasis on getting out and making the most of it and you feel like you’ve failed if you end up having to work, or clean the house or whatever. I’m guessing that if I lived somewhere which was hot all the time it wouldn’t be such an issue. Maybe one day…

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