sports of sorts

I got a sports injury on Sunday, kind of. The day was going really well – I was part way through slow barbecuing a load of pork baby back ribs for dinner; we had several friends coming over so a large-scale grilling experiment seemed in order. I also made my own barbecue sauce. The ribs were incredibly good, slow barbecued in my trusty charcoal Weber grill.

So part way through the afternoon I took a full trash bag downstairs to the garbage. Stupidly I didn’t think to put on shoes, and even more stupidly didn’t turn on the lights in the basement. On the way back I smacked my left foot into something – a piece of seldom used home fitness equipment (that’s how it counts as a sports injury, ahem). I limped around the rest of the evening, but some booze helped as an analgesic. Today was a different matter though – my little toe is purple, almost black, and hurts like a bugger. I’m limping around, not looking very cool. There’s nothing much you can do about a broken toe, just have to tape it to its neighbor and wait for it to heal, but at the moment it’s not a lot of fun. You’d think that the little toe on your left foot would be the least important, but you would be wrong.

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  1. Robin says:

    brilliant sports injury! You’re catching up in the misfortune stakes….

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