bad balloon day

Toby had a pretty busy day today. This morning we trekked off to Como Zoo in St Paul so that he could see the lions, which he had not been able to do a couple of weeks ago on his school trip. We spent some time with the big cats, then went to see the sea lions who were a bit more fun, in that they weren’t just sleeping. One of the sea lions was very friendly and several times jumped up right next to Toby, with only a pane of glass between them.

Back home for a quick lunch, then we went to his friend Keller’s birthday party which was very enjoyable. We (Emma and I) are getting to know the parents of the other kids at school much better now, and we had some good chat (kids, school, work, houses, neighborhoods) with them while the kids ran around in the sun, and had story time from a visiting princess.

After the party we went out to get a couple of things – in the Sears store a lady was giving away helium balloons and Toby was thrilled to get one. However his happiness was short lived – on the way home we stopped at the car wash and while Toby and I went to the bathroom I let the balloon float up to the ceiling, and didn’t realize I’d forgotten about it until we were in the car on the way home. Floods of tears from Toby – a little excessive perhaps but it was beginning to dawn on Emma and me that he’s still pretty tired at weekends as he’s getting used to being in the preschool II class and not getting lunchtime naps every day, it catches up with him after a while. Emma had the great idea of going to the balloon store (it calls itself a balloon emporium) a couple of blocks from home, and he chose a pretty nice new blue balloon with stars on it for the 4th of July holiday. All was well until just before dinner when there was a huge bang from the living room and we realized that it had floated up into the path of the spinning ceiling fan – disaster. Again floods of tears.

Emma cheered him up by involving him in one of his favorite activities, which is baking cupcakes (I’ve put a few old pics of him baking at the end of this post). The cupcakes came out really well, and while they were cooling, Emma and Toby put together some icing. While it was coming together Toby wandered off to the living room – when Emma went through to see him he was on the floor, fast asleep.

Toby in his apron Toby and Emma baking Toby the chef

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  1. Robin says:

    I lost a helium balloon when I was his age. You never get over it.

    Toby’s zoo trips seem to be going well (apart from getting lost of course). Puts me in mind of another childhood incident – when I was about three, visiting Chester Zoo, a lynx peed all over me.

    Like I said, you never get over this stuff.

  2. And that’s why Robin never uses Lynx body spray.

    Everyone should also know that Robin is the most unfortunate person in the world, as can be seen at his misfortune blog

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