it doesn’t suck

I took Toby to the cinema last weekend to watch the new penguin animation “Surf’s Up”. It was actually a lot of fun – well done and enjoyable. Jeff Bridges as surfer dude Big Z was a riot, and very much the return of The Dude from The Big Lebowski. Unsurprising really – as we all know, The Dude abides.

On another note I had an interesting sanitation experience. In the restroom they had rather funky new hand dryers. It turns out that AMC cinemas have gone for the new Dyson Blade hand dryers. Pretty impressive operation – as with other Dyson products they look cool and work exactly right. Hopefully we’ll be seeing them in other locations too.

4 Responses to “it doesn’t suck”

  1. Jay C says:

    How do they adapt it to people of different heights? Was Toby able to use it?
    Now, if only I can get out of the restroom without touching the door.

  2. Brother David says:

    I’ve used one of those, at the 100 Club in London. Totally rules.

  3. Robin (bro) says:

    I’m not sure I’d want to put my hands too near something called a “Blade”…

  4. Dad says:

    Four problems: difficult not only for small people but also people in wheelchairs? Then,as Robin says, the name is potentially offputting; thirdly, it has mechanical actions and thefore much more prone to breakdown – much better to reengineer it solid state; and finally, I’m not clear on the hygiene aspects of it

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