lost boy update

Follow up to yesterday’s post about Toby getting lost at the zoo:

He went to sleep really easily and seemed to sleep really well, so he was either through his upset, or totally exhausted from it. I think a bit of both.

Some more details came out before he said he didn’t want to talk about it any more. He said that he had called and called for his friends but that they couldn’t hear him; also that when he was at the “zoo man’s office” there was no chair for him, so he had to sit on the floor “next to a big door” until his teacher came for him. Lastly, and possibly most traumatic for him, he didn’t get to see the lions because his friends were looking at lions while he was lost. So I’m going to take him tomorrow after we’ve dropped Emma off at her class.

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  1. Martin Hogg says:

    I hope he got to see the lions Andy. There is nothing more important in a young boy’s development than that he get to appreciate some very big and growly lions :-)

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