lost boy

Toby went to the Como Zoo in St Paul today with his school. All went pretty well, until they were looking at the spiders. Toby got bored and walked off by himself, then realized that he didn’t know where his friends were. Apparently he fairly quickly found a member of the zoo staff (or the zoo staff found him) and Toby said that he was lost. He was taken to the zoo office, and the zoo guy called the number on the sticker on Toby’s shirt, and all was well.

Obviously I’m a bit freaked out that Toby did this – if he has one infuriating trait, it’s that he does tend to wander off sometimes. We’ve always managed to keep track of him so far, but I guess this had to happen one day. At least it wasn’t at somewhere huge and bustling like SeaWorld when we were in Florida, and maybe it was a good lesson for him. Emma and I are quite proud of him that he knew to find a staff person and say “Excuse me, I’m lost” so he did do well with that. I feel a bit odd about our little guy being all by himself and then sitting in the zoo office waiting to be collected.

Toby’s a bit shaken up too. His teachers said he was very withdrawn all afternoon and once Emma got him home this afternoon he was really weepy. In fact he was crying at the slightest little thing, ending up lying on the floor saying that he just needed to cry. Once he had talked about the experience, he seemed to be a bit better but needed lots of hugs. We talked it through and let him know that although he could have been more careful he at least did the right thing about getting found again. We’ve had lots of hugs this evening – hopefully he’ll sleep OK, wake up happier, and learn a good lesson.

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