This just in: fairground riders left hanging upside down. While we were in Florida Toby insisted on going on the kids’ Shamu rollercoaster at Seaworld (here we are getting ready to go). This is not normally the kind of thing I’d do, but for my boy I’ll go the extra mile. My confidence was not heightened by the fact that the people on the ride right before us had the cars stop part way up the initial ramp – they were stuck for about 5 minutes in the broiling sun until a bloke with an enormous bunch of keys got to the control desk and did something to get them moving. It was fine for us, actually really fun, once we got going but I wouldn’t have like to have been stuck there with a four-year-old asking “why have we stopped? Why aren’t we moving? Why have we stopped? I need to go to the bathroom! Why have we stopped?”

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