time passing

Yesterday was my birthday – a milestone in fact – 35. The card from my dad said that I had reached half of my three score years and ten and am now officially middle aged. Thanks a lot. On the other side, he did get me the complete New Yorker DVD set (all New Yorkers ever on 8 DVD-ROMs (or should that be DVDs-ROM)) and the complete New Yorker cartoon book/CD-ROM set too. Fantastic. Toby got me some very nice beer glasses, and Emma got me new workout clothes to encourage me to get back into going to the gym – this was my idea not her being mean.

It was actually a really nice day – chats on the phone with family, and in the afternoon Toby had been invited to a friend’s birthday party. We went along too, it was very nice. Perfect warm day in their backyard, food and drink for the grown-ups, and a splash pool for the kids. Fun for all.

Today is Toby’s first day in his new class at daycare – Preschool II. It’s the class for the oldest kids, and it’s pretty amazing to me. He started there in the infant class when he was about 7 months old (I’ve been trying to find a blog post from when he started but can’t – maybe I just didn’t write anything at the time) and now he’s one of the big kids. He has been very excited about this, and zoomed into school this morning. There was some swagger there too. A couple of the other kids shouted out “Cool! Toby, you’re in our class now!”

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  1. Paul says:

    Congrats! We’re currently assembling a care package that should be winging (or floating, depending on postage costs) its way to you shortly :)

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