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For the last week and a half I’ve had a really painful ear – it’s been so uncomfortable that I’ve been woken up pretty much every night, and has felt blocked so that I have no idea if I’m being really loud or really quiet.

Today I finally got a doctor’s appointment, and it seems that it’s a minor infection, no particular damage evident. I’ve got some ear drops and hopefully it’ll be back to normal soon. I’m glad about two things with this whole incident – firstly the drops have antibiotics in them, so no oral antibiotics which may have interfered with beer consumption over my birthday this weekend. Secondly the diagnosis was “swimmer’s ear” – I always like to have something which has an athletic or sporting connotation, it sounds so much better than “guy who sits on a chair in front of a computer all day ear”.

UPDATE: it’s about 12 hours later and after three shots of the ear drops (anti-inflammatory and antibiotic) it’s feeling so much better. Still a bit sore inside, but the pain on the outside of my ear and the blocked feeling have both pretty much gone. Hooray for medicine, pharmacology and science!

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  1. Robin (bro) says:

    I have swimmer’s ear too. And I can’t even swim.

    My best sports-related illness ever was a bad case of “Bowler’s thumb” – a condition that makes the thumb on your right hand swell up. This was caused in my case by bowling for about 6 hours on my birthday last year – so it was a legitimate sporting injury.

    Okay, so there is no such things as “bowler’s thumb”, but it was quite uncomfortable for a few days. Although I suddenly got much better at slap-bass…

  2. Have you ever experienced “Hillend Thumb”? A condition uniquely suffered on the dry ski slope of the same name outside Edinburgh… but if you did you may have troubletypingspacesbetweenyourwords so probabylnotthen.

  3. Martin Hogg says:

    Andy, I was just surfing the web looking up old friends and look whose page I stumbled on. How the devil are you? (apart from your earache – I sympathise, I have been having a bit of ear trouble of late recently). Hit me up sometime and say howdy :) the hoggster

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