on the road – arkansas edition

I’m out of town once again, this time just for two days, visiting Bentonville, Arkansas. So far nobody has explained to me why the “–kansas” bit of Arkansas is pronounced differently from “Kansas“, the state (and the 70s band).

Reasonably quick flight down here in a teeny plane this morning. It seems quite a nice town, fairly rural round the edges and compactly corporate in the center. The airport is very small, and right in the middle of some fields.

Two moments today when I wished I had a camera with me. Firstly in the strip mall next door to the little Mexican restaurant where I had lunch (two people for less than 10 bucks) was a big picture of a bemuscled, tanned and oiled guy with the tagline “Body for Jesus”. I gathered that it’s a homoerotic Christian gym where I would assume that the people who go are totally anti-gay. Just a feeling.

The other thing which freaked me out was in the restaurant at another table was a guy who looked exactly like my dad. OK, he was a few years younger, and a few inches taller, but he had the exact same profile and hairstyle as my dad. Quite disconcerting.

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  1. Robin (bro) says:

    I you sure it wasn’t a mirror? Or me? I don’t remember being there, but I’m sorry to say that I was very, very, drunk…

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