going back

Tomorrow morning, almost later tonight, we have to get up at an ungodly hour for an early flight back to Minneapolis. And tomorrow’s going to be a busy day – Emma has a class in the afternoon and then has to collect her two sisters from the airport; I have a rehearsal in the afternoon and then a concert in the evening.

Kind of looking forward to getting home though; as noted a few days ago, it’s amazing how quickly you can get used to being in a hotel – I’m sure it’s miserable after a while, but it’s great to leave your room in the morning then get back later in the day to find it all clean.

So – quick impressions of the trip: My work stuff has been really worthwhile, I learned some good stuff, met some interesting people and have a lot of things to implement when I get back to the office. Emma and Toby have had a great time – Toby did a lot of swimming in the hotel pool and his confidence is way up. He went from, on the first day, being quite nervous and only wanting to be in the kiddy pool, to today zooming around under his own steam back and forth across the big pool, his little legs kicking away and his arms reaching out in front for his kid’s version of freestyle. Nice work.

Today I didn’t have any classes so we all went to Sea World (Toby and Emma’s tickets were good for a second day) and had a great time. The sealion show was really fun – a lot more pantomime and less slick than the other shows, and lots of fun as a result. Toby and Em took me to the Shamu show too – they sat well back having been completely drenched on Tuesday in the “soak zone” and it was pretty cool. We also spent some time at the little funfair bit – as Emma is expecting she wasn’t able to go on the rides with Toby so I went on the rollercoaster with him. I’m not really a fairground ride kind of person, but I must say it was really fun. For a kids’ ride it was pretty fast, Toby was kind of nervous but I did lots of very obvious laughing – “Ha ha haaaa!” – which seemed to make him feel better. I was glad we did it – definitely a fun thing about being a dad. It was pretty hot though, and great to have a swim back at the hotel pool when we got home, followed by a little meal outside in the mild weather.

The only blight on the evening was realizing that now my conference is over, there’s a meeting of the Florida Republicans in the hotel – definitely time for us to leave.

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