Although I’d really like not to have to rely on a car at all, it’s kind of impossible here in Minneapolis. So I may as well have something nice. When I moved here I got a Saturn which is decent enough but was a bit of a change from my MG in the UK.

We paid off the car loan just last month, and are beginning to look at new things. Emma’s keen to have something higher off the road than a regular car (especially as there are so many huge trucks around) so we’ve been looking at a few over the last couple of weeks. A couple have been real disappointments, like the Toyota RAV4 (lovely design, rubbish engine) and the Mazda Tribute (too truck-like and uncomfortable). To our surprise, the one currently on top is also a Saturn – their new VUE SUV. We tried out the V6 on Saturday and it was excellent, very comfortable and smooth ride, felt safe and was big but not too big. Unfortunately the dealer didn’t have a non-V6 model available so we couldn’t compare the front wheel drive model. It sounds promising though – as well as being a whopping $5,000 cheaper, it has better fuel economy than most cars, which is important to us. So hopefully we’ll head out tomorrow after work and give it a test!

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