passage from india

Getting back into regular life now I’m home from India. Getting used to not being in a hotel – things like having to clean up after myself. It’s amazing how quickly you can get used to just dropping used towels on the bathroom floor and knowing that they will have vanished, replaced by neatly folded clean towels by the time you get home. If there was one thing I could have brought back from India, it’s the guy who cleaned my hotel room.

One less welcome thing I have brought back is a persistent digestion issue. Specifically, in the lower digestion area, if you know what I mean. I have been spending considerable amounts of time in the bathroom since I got back, and other times feeling kind of fragile and drained. Before I went away, the travel clinic people gave me some antibiotics which they said should be used in the case of severe issues of these sorts – basically if I didn’t have issues before taking the meds I would afterwards because they’re so strong and mess up the digestive bacteria so much. But this has been going on for about a week now (plus side – I have lost about 7 pounds so far) so it may be time to break the glass and take the pills.

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  1. Sarah says:

    My advice for antibiotics is take a probiotic drink with each tablet, one of the one a day sort. Expensive if you are on a long course but well worth as it stops antibiotic tummy from starting.

  2. Good advice, and thanks. The antibiotics seemed to work really well – a bit of dizziness but nothing too bad. And it was three days of pills which apparently keep working for seven days, so nice and easy. They seem to have done the trick, and I wish I’d started taking them last week.

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