going through delhi

I forgot to mention the trip from Bangalore to here. When I got on the plane from Bangalore it was full of mosquitoes which was pretty alarming; fortunately a quick spray by an airport person took care of them really quickly. The flight was really smooth and the food decent.

A bit of bewilderment about where to go once I got to Delhi though – as with Mumbai airport the international terminal is quite a way away from the domestic, so I ended up following a baggage guy outside, through the melee of people and through a parking lot to where an elderly and friendly Sikh gentleman loaded my stuff into his van and drove for about 20 minutes to international. Many of the roads on this drive were quite decent; some felt like back streets, but even there we went past loads of people (almost all men) sitting on the sidewalks, hanging out by carts with big steaming pots of food, and selling fruits and vegetables on wooden carts.

The international hall in Delhi airport was completely packed and hot – fortunately I made it just in time to check in because they closed the airline desk right after I got my boarding pass. Long lines for security too, but made it with perfect timing.

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