leaving bangalore

Just getting ready to fly home – I’m in Bangalore airport (this post will be up once I have network access). Pretty nice day today – I slept over 10 hours last night which was very much needed, then one of the folks in the office here took me out to Commercial Street for some shopping, where I got something fun for Toby and Emma. The street was really busy, lots of stores big and small and loads of traffic and people. A little disconcerting as usual to have beggars so in your face, sometimes tugging on your arm as you’re walking along. It was certainly good to be outside for a bit, having spent pretty much the whole week either in the office, in the car, or asleep in my hotel.

The airport itself is, like so many public spaces here, completely packed, kind of smelly, and really noisy. The PA announcements are just slightly too loud and incessant. I guess they’re doing their best but it’s pretty chaotic. Plus lots of mosquitoes. Security seems officious but lax at the same time – I didn’t have to show ID at all and nobody seemed to notice that I have a tube of toothpaste in my bag – this would never get through in the US or Europe.

So it’s a 2.5 hour flight to New Delhi, then 3 hours to change terminals and planes, then 9 hours to Amsterdam, then over 6 hours waiting for the next flight, then 9 hours to home. Can’t wait to see Emma and Toby. This has been a good trip and very worthwhile from a work point of view, but it’s hard to be away. I would love to bring them here one day, there were a lot of spouses and kids at the hotel so I guess it’s not too hard to do – maybe one day. I think Toby would really enjoy it here.

UPDATE: I called Emma and Toby just as I was getting on the plane at Bangalore. It struck me then that I called them at (their time) about 8:30am Saturday and will not get in to Minneapolis till after 3:15pm Sunday.

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