Conversation this morning between Emma and Toby:

T: Mummy, didn’t you know that Charlie is faster than Lola? That’s because Charlie is the big brother, and big brothers are always faster.
E: Yes, when they are growing up, because the big brother is usually bigger as well as being older.
T: Yes. Big brothers are the fastest!
E: But when they grow up, sometimes the biggest brother is not the fastest. Who do you think would be fastest out of Daddy, Uncle Richard, Uncle David and Uncle Robin?
T: Um, Me! I am the fastest!

One Response to “fast”

  1. Robin (aforementioned Uncle) says:

    Um… if you’re talking about who’s the fastest runner then I fear that Toby might be right – we aren’t exactly known for our celerity.

    However, if he’s talking about eating…

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