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We’re having some friends round for lunch and for dinner tomorrow, so went out this afternoon to pick up supplies. We decided to go a bit upmarket, to Byerly’s where the food is excellent and overpriced, and some of the shopping carts have little cars on the front for kids to sit in and drive, which makes things easier for harried parents (not that we are, but it means we can focus more on what we’re buying and not worry about keeping an eye on Toby).

Another customer-friendly feature, also good for a lone parent, is that they not only bag your groceries, but you can have them put them in boxes which are conveyed to a pickup point where a winsome youth will load them into your car, saving you having to lug everything out by yourself. Unfortunately something broke down in the system today and when we got home we realized that we’d been given someone else’s groceries. I called the store and spoke to a manager who said he’d send someone over with our stuff right away. Sure enough, 40 minutes later the manager himself was at our door with our stuff and a generous gift card for our inconvenience. Nice work, Byerly’s!

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