Probably from school, Toby knows that the president is (sigh) George Bush. We had a discussion about it this morning while the news was on – Toby said “Didn’t you know who the first president was?” We told him we didn’t, although of course we do. “It was George Washington. But then … [eyes wide] he died.”

We told him that a while ago there was another President Bush, and then President Clinton, and that one day there would be a new president, when Toby is six. Toby enthusiastically said, “Yes, when George Bush dies” which we had to correct him on, although I guess there would be if that happens too.

We tried, with effort, not to let our personal political views get into the conversation, there’s plenty of time for that when he’s older. But we did say, when talking about Bill Clinton, that lots of people think he is a very good man and was a good president (of course lots of other people don’t agree). Toby said, “Well. George Bush is also a good president.” We asked why, and were told, “Um, because… he helps people to fly all around the world

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  1. Emma says:

    I did follow up by asking what the people did when they got around the world, wondering if it was about “liberation”. Turns out it was more NASA as they fly in spaceships.

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