wild spring

This weekend the weather really picked up – it’s over 70 degrees, about 25 degrees warmer than usual. So a lot of things woke up – we’re seeing buds on trees and shrubs, almost all the snow has finally gone, birds singing, and our cats enjoying the porch and windows being open.

There’s a downside – bugs are waking up. On Sunday morning Toby and I went down to the kitchen to make breakfast and Toby said “Dad, I see a bug on the floor. Dad, I see a lot of bugs on the floor.” I focused a bit and saw ants, all over the place. So I herded Toby through to the dining room, and the cats into the basement, and covered the floor with anti-ant spray – we left the kitchen for the morning for the spray to do its work. When we got back at lunchtime all the ants were dead – nothing moving, so I swept everything up before letting the cats out of the basement. Scout in typical melodramatic fashion had thrown up a little bit on the basement stairs so I had to deal with that too.

Other animals are waking up as well. In the evening I was reading Toby his story before bed, when we heard Nessie (the younger, female cat) yowling through the kitchen window as she does when she sees a strange cat near our house. Scout went over to see what was going on, and she turned on him, hissing and spitting, which she has occasionally done, but this seemed a bit of an overreaction. After a few minutes we heard yowling again, so we went to look too. It wasn’t a cat – there was a great big raccoon bumbling around in the yard, so no wonder Nessie was so upset. We watched the raccoon for a few minutes until it wandered away, but when we saw the kitchen floor we noticed drops of blood all over the place. My first thought was that maybe the raccoon had somehow scratched Nessie through the window screen but she seemed fine. The we realized that when she had gone for Scout she had given him a scratch on the back of one of his legs which had bled a little. It was just a tiny nick, and he recovered quickly – they seem to be good friends again this morning – but it was quite a dramatic evening for all of us.

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