I have a dilemma. There’s a dad of one of the infants at Toby’s daycare who has a fantastic bag. Not a clunky, dorky laptop bag or a little clutch purse but one of those messenger-type bags. And it’s pretty much ideal, not too big, not too small, leather, smart but without being boring, stylish, and it looks (from furtive glances) like it has useful compartments like an accessible space for an iPod.

That’s not the dilemma, just the background. The problem I’m having is that I don’t know the guy – we tend to drop off and pick up our kids at approximately the same times, but have only kind of acknowledged each other without actually talking. So how do I ask him where he got his bag without sounding like a huge girl (as I did in the preceding paragraph of this post)? I certainly don’t want to be all like “OMG *where* did you get that *fabulous* bag I simply *have* to know??” but it’s going to be difficult to ask without sounding like that.

For the record I do currently have an excellent bag which Emma gave me a few years ago – it’s brown leather, good size and also has convenience (with necessary accessible iPod-sized compartment) and I haven’t seen anything else which comes close. It’s just starting to get a bit battered due to having been used every day for years, and as a laptop bag on many long flights.

Any advice, readers, on how to deal with this?

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  1. First make small talk. Wait two days. Make more small talk about sports and fat kids. Wait two days. Make rips in your bag with scissors. Show up to daycare with said bag. Ask him where he got his bag because yours is torn up.

  2. Hmm, not bad advice. But I certainly don’t want to rip my current bag – it’s now a good one for when I don’t want to be too dressy but it’s still a trusty steed.

    Here’s a description of the one I’m looking at – it’s tan leather with green (possibly canvas) trim. The strap is also tan leather. At the bottom of the strap is a little pocket, about the right size for an mp3 player, with a buckle to close. The flap for the main bag goes right over the side (so no exposed zipper on top). Any ideas on what it might be?

  3. Jay says:

    Perhaps you are looking for a bag for a friend…

  4. arwen says:

    I *so* have the solution to your problem :) I have just such a messenger bag for my macbook and it is indeed trendy and does have lots of useful compartments. I’ll email you the link.

  5. Robin (bro) says:

    Here’s my suggestion. Get Toby to cause a distraction, and steal the bag. Once it gets around that the bag has gone missing, you can casually ask “where did you get it from?” The mighty Mississippi can get rid of the evidence, and you get a new bag – easy!

    Perhaps a slight better version would be to spill something on his bag and offer to buy a new one. Unfortunately as it sounds like it is mostly leather, you’re going to have to spill a fair quantity of paint or some such.

    The other option is to go to H&M – it sounds rather like the one I bought there last time I was over.

  6. Manbag user says:

    It’s one of those things that you just ask….

    I have carried a manbag daily for over a year now, I started with a smaller one from Eddie Bauer and through use found I wanted a bigger one so I ordered one from that I now love.

    You are already carrying a manbag, and so is he. Far as I can tell we are still a minority in terms of what men think is acceptable so if a fellow manbag wearer asked me about my bag I’d happily talk to him about the details, where I got it, what I carry in it and what I don’t like about it. If you wear your manbag while you talk to him you’ll be viewed as a compatriot in leading the trend not someone who thinks he’s nuts for asking about his “purse.”

    Just do it…. Good Luck

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