We had an excellent weekend. Friday night we went out with a couple of friends after work. On Saturday morning we came into town for coffee, and to take advantage of our favorite wine shop, Haskells, as they were having their annual Nickel Sale. You buy one bottle of wine and get a second bottle for 5 cents. We got about 20 bottles of good things for ourselves, mostly nothing too fancy but a couple of more expensive things, and also a couple of cases of champagne for a party we’re planning. Our thinking being that it’s not going to go bad, and we’re going to drink it anyway – spending money to save money.

Then on Saturday night we went to see the Beta Band at the Quest in downtown Minneapolis. Excellent band, excellent show – much smarter and more musical than most groups around, and cool images and videos running at the same time. As it was an early show, starting at 7ish, we went for excellent pizza afterwards.

Sunday was snow, as mentioned in another post, so a good day to do a little grocery shopping and housework. We ended the weekend with a delicious meal and of course a bottle of wine.

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