i’d be safe and warm

Well we’re definitely no longer in L.A. – the winter here continues, although it’s getting a bit less frigid. During the day the temps have been getting up to the low 40s (a balmy 6C) so the tons of snow are beginning to melt. This is generally a good thing in itself but when the temp drops again at night it has some challenges:

Last night after work we went over to see our good friends Michael and Cara for dinner and drinks. They live just a couple of blocks away so we walked over. However with the snow melting the sidewalks were like rivers, so it was more of a splash than a stomp. Then on the way home the temperature had dropped enough so that most of the water had frozen – we slipped and slid the whole way and what would normally take less than five minutes took over quarter of an hour. Toby fell five times, mostly to great hilarity but once grazing his head, but he recovered quickly. He did enjoy cracking the frozen surfaces of the puddles but by the time we were coming down the hill to our house we realized that it was getting too hard to stay up so we had to navigate ourselves onto the road. Even turning around was a challenge – I had to hold on to a big snowbank to stop myself from totally wiping out.

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