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Emma told me a good story at the weekend as we were discussing whether it’s kosher to have dairy with poultry. My understanding was that the scriptural thing around dairy with meat was a line to do with not cooking a young animal in its mother’s milk, which would suggest that this only applies to mammals, but for kosher rules apparently it was extended for all meats. Anyway the story was around a religious studies class Emma took when she was to design a menu for a hypothetical Jewish friend who would be visiting. The only place she got marked down was on the breakfast – she suggested an omelet with cheese and onions, and the teacher said that nobody would eat onions for breakfast, kosher or not.

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  1. Emma says:

    OK we need to reinforce that I was 12, this was not a recent class… and also that this lady delighted in marking people down by a half. I used to do pretty well in RE, a good thing considering the career path I took, but the one time I scored badly (I think 7/10) she wrote, “not up to your usual standard, Sarah” on my homework. I wonder if I would have scored better is she had remebered I was not in fact my older sister?

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing my shame with the world, :(

  3. Dolf/ Dad says:

    You’re quite right about the chicken/ milk thing; it’s a strange interpretation unless the issue is about cooking meat in milk or cream which is potentially hazardous because of the relatively low temperatures involved.

    However, my take on it that it doesn’t make a lot of sense as I don’t think you can milk a chicken, not least because it’s impossible t find a milking stool small/ low enough to get beneath the chicken…

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