Just finished watching the Superbowl – for someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about football it seemed to me to be a pretty fun game. The weather in Miami was pretty bad – rain all the way through – but that maybe made me enjoy it more because there was more randomness. I was glad that we hadn’t spent loads of money on a high def TV – the weather meant that rain got on the TV camera lenses so a lot of the pictures were quite blurry; I’m sure our regular old set worked just fine.

Prince seemed pretty good at half time – a tad self-indulgent perhaps so people who weren’t already Prince fans possibly wouldn’t have been into it but I was impressed. The ads – meh – not too memorable (here’s a roundup from Slate).

Seeing the Superbowl always reminds me of the year I visited my college friend Andy in Japan, in 1999 just before I moved to Minnesota. The day of the game we were all pretty wiped – a bunch of us had been out all night clubbing in Tokyo which involved a half hour bike ride to the station, a long train ride into town, trekking around between bars and clubs then the train back at 6am. The game started around 10am – I remember being woken up by the sound of renowned baritone Cher belting out the National Anthem.

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  1. Robin (bro) says:

    Seems you weren’t the only one watching…

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